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The Slim Line System is Guaranteed to Help Put
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When you order a Slim Line System, all the risk will be on my shoulders, not yours. You are protected by not just one, but four Money Back Guarantees

  1. Best Machine Or All Your Money Back
  2. Lowest Price for 60 days after You Buy or I will beat it by 5%
  3. Double your money in 6 months or less or All Your Money Back
  4. Unhappy for any reason, 60 day returns minus a 15% restocking fee

Get This Report Before Buying a LipoLight ™...

If you're like most practitioners, you're excited about the potential of a laser-lipo machine, but you're also confused about which one to purchase.

Make the right decision and you could add hundreds of thousands to your bottom line and have hundreds of raving fans. But the wrong decision could leave you with unhappy customers who spread bad word of mouth about you and a machine collecting dust in the spare room.

The woods are full of good and bad machines, and machines without systems, so be careful...

First rule: don't pick a machine simply because it has a "big brand" behind it. It often just means they have clever marketing and deep pockets, and there's no guarantee it will meet the specific needs of your customers. Don't get brainwashed by "big", make sure you look at the science behind the claims.

Choose your machine as you would anything else. Look at the data, analyse the science behind the claims and interview five or six companies. Ask them questions like: "Will your machine work on all skin types?" "Will tanned people, Indian, Native American and Asian people see equally good results?" "Does your Laser-Lipo come with an effective and proven marketing system for attracting clients?" "Is it safe technology which is clinically proven to get results without inflicting pain on clients?" "Is the technology approved by the FDA?"

There are many other questions. And that's why we've created this special report entitled "Outsmarting Laser-Lipo Lemons: 27 questions to ask" which reveals how you can make an informed decision without getting ripped off. It exposes what most Laser-Lipo manufacturers don't want you to know including...

  • The type of machines which make your clients gain back fat in unnatural places
    (if you don't fancy the idea of having angry clients on your hands after "funny-fat" has grown back on their elbows, knees & back - then avoid these machines like the plague)

  • The only class of device that doesn't require a doctor to operate it
    (saving you thousands in wages that eat into your profits)

  • The question you must ask if you're considering a "light" machine
    (hint: this is what produces the results - yet many suppliers gloss over it)

  • BEWARE: If your supplier doesn't offer this, it could cost you thousands of dollars & upset your clients
    (make sure they can and will deliver on it before you sign on the dotted line)

  • The secret of quickly getting a return on investment from your machine (and turning it into cash - ignoring this could leave you with an expensive machine gathering dust and taking up space)

  • The report also reveals what you must ask to ensure staff training is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (for both current & future employees)... how to ensure your supplier covers you against purchasing a "bomb"... how to get a complete system for lead generation and much, much more.

Only after asking a battery of well-considered questions will you finally be able to relax with the knowledge and confidence that you've purchased the right machine for the needs of your practice.

This report gives you these questions.


If you are thinking about purchasing a Lipolight ™ or any other machine, then you need this report that reveals everything you need to know. Including 27 startling questions 95% of suppliers hope you never ask.

So Who is the Best?

Naturally I am proud of the track record and reputation the Slim Line System has earned. Not only does our system get fast results (People lose on AVERAGE 1-2 dress or pant sizes - about 5-23 inches - every few months). it's clinically proven to be more effective and it's SAFE, natural, non-invasive, painless and without harmful side effects.

In addition, every single person who has invested in my system has put double their investment in the system back in their pocket in their first year of operation, and many have paid for it within their first month.

But frankly, aside from these considerations, there are half a dozen top-notch body contouring machines whose results are nothing short of outstanding. You just need to know what to look for in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. That's what this report allows you to do. For your free copy, simply enter your email address in the form below and you'll get INSTANT ACCESS.


Dr. Jamie Fettig